My little chat with Joona W.

It's my pleasure to show you my little chat with Joona W.
One of the most atracttive and stylish guys in

Why did you begin to post in Lookbook?

It just felt like a good idea. I loved the whole concept and the people in there.
There was so many stylish and interesting people and I wanted to be one of them!...
Then I just started to share my looks!

Did you expect so many reaction, so good reception, for saying it somehow?
No I didn't actually, I just posted up few looks and that's it.
It was a big surprise to me to get that much attention.
I never thought my style would be that interesting.

About your looks, does anyone help you?
is there someone who says to you reject thas jacket, wear this cap,
that doesn't worth it....?

I just wear something that feels and looks good.
Lately it has been just a leather jacket, t-shirt / hoodie and jeans.
but I also like blazers, ties, vests and things like that.

When you choose your clothes, what to wear...
wich are your influences or models to follow?

I like to try my clothes on at night.
I don't know why! That is just when I get my best ideas.. hahah!
Lately I've been inspired by dirty rockers, skaters, models, and few bands.
I think my biggest influences are Hedi Slimane and Josh Beech.
They're really cool.

Why black? What does it mean to you?
I just like it. I really don't know why.
It's dark, it's timeless and it's pretty much always stylish
if you can wear it the right way.

You has defined yourself like heterosexual in MySpace,
What do you think about all those gay guys (...incluiding me) who throw you compliments continually??

It's always nice to get compliments from different people all around the world.
I really don't care if he's gay or straight, I think it's their own business!

Joona W.

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