Bruce LaBruce

I've just found my new inspiration photo.
 by Bruce LaBruce

From now i'm fan of Bruce LaBruce.
Just read this piece:

"Skate Hard is a series of photos I took for the New York-based gay magazine, Honcho. The editor at the time was an avid art collector, so he liked to commission photographers from art and fashion. My model, Jimbo, is the lead singer of the Canadian punk band The Dayglo Abortions. As Jimbo runs an indoor skate park in downtown Toronto, the location for the shoot was not a problem. A bigger hurdle was the prospect of getting the model hard on the ramps. I enlisted two of the most sure-fire methods for wood: a fluffer and viagra. Jimbo provided his own fluffer, a beautiful young woman who was at the time doing her PhD thesis on Tennessee Williams. I supplied the bitter little pill. From then on it was smooth - and hard - sailing." Bruce LaBruce
Bruce LaBruce is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer based in Toronto. His films include No Skin Off My Ass (1991), Super 8 _ (1994), Hustler White and Skin Flick. He is also a photographer, writer and interviewer for New York's Index magazine, Toronto's Eye magazine and Exclaim, an alternative music monthly. His two books are The Reluctant Pornographer and Ride, Queer, Ride
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Henrich dijo...

me encanta bruce labruce :D

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